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Christian childcare

Your local day care in Hastings providing   Christian learning for your preschooler

Our children head into their day with a buzz of activity as they are warmly welcomed and settled into the centre by our fabulous teachers.


We know that you have many options of professional Hastings day cares, at Future Kids preschool children are presented with an array of materials and toys to play, create and explore with, they exercise their 'choosing' muscles.  Then expanding their imagination in building and story telling.  Future Kids, children are encouraged to investigate, discover, interact with one another, resolve conflict and problem solve.

We want to help our kids to head into the world with  self confidence yet with empathy and kindness towards all those around them.  Virtues are an important part of Future Kids and we teach kindness, honesty, self control, patience, perseverance, helpfulness, obedience, forgiveness, gentleness, contentment, diligence and attentiveness.


We give our kids the freedom to learn through play and social relationships as well as through structured time of learning. 


Check out our FANTASTIC 4's programme as well to see what the future holds for your child.

Art, Literacy, Numeracy, Music and Science

We use STEAM as our access points for guiding children's learning and discovery.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics.


Your child will experiment with a variety of creative activities including drawing, painting, crayons, dye, modelling, cutting, pasting, constructing, designing and much more.


All children will have a wide range of experiences to support literacy including oral language games, phonetic alphabet activities, reading books, poetry, letter manipulation activities and more.


All children will learn mathematical concepts relevant to their age and stage.  One concept is the ability to make connection between the name of a number and actual amount of objects present.  Other concepts include estimation, counting, volume, shapes, colours, measurement, time, money, symmetry and patterns.


Our music curriculum is designed to foster the foundations of music. Experimenting with bells for instance, children learn about same and different tones, high and low notes, intervals and scales.  We also sing each day and move to music.


Science develops an understanding of how our world works.  Natural, physical and material elements are explored.

Children learn through playing.  They are active learners, explorers, experimenters and artists.  During free play children are helped to follow their own interest and engage in projects that are based on these interests.  This also helps children develop gross motor and fine motor skills as well as social skills and making friend.

Omahu Road Centre

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm

for ages 2 to 5 year olds

1200 Omahu Road Hastings

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