Your local daycare in Hastings providing a Superhero Launch Pad for your kids

Kids launch into the day with a buzz of activity at our Superhero Launch Pad as they are welcomed and settled warmly by our fabulous teachers, this is for both over 2's and the 4 year-olds.


We know that you have many options of professional Hastings daycares, at Future Kids preschool children are presented with an array of materials and toys to play, create and explore with, they exercise their 'choosing' muscles.  Then expanding their imagination in building and story telling.  Superheroes are encouraged to investigate, discover, interact with one another, resolve conflict and problem solve.


Professional Christian daycare providing the best option for childcare in Hastings


  Their Superhero teachers take time to teach about what

kindness and honesty looks like and how to be patient, self controlled and helpful as well as key biblical principles that set them up for success.


There is also a chance for an extra reboot with a brief quiet time before they're off to explore new adventures that lie ahead.


To give a boost to these young superheroes there is time for them to tuck into their lunch box of delicious healthy goodies from home like most preschool programs in preparation for school lunches. Healthy snacks are provided and enjoyed for morning and afternoon tea each day. 


Stories leap off the pages with the help of props, puppets and acting getting the kids involved.


At mat time they come together to sing, play instruments and dance to

make the music come alive.

Omahu Road Launch Pad

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 3:30pm

for ages 2 to 5 year olds

1200 Omahu Road Hastings

Hastings MN Preschool



06 879 5396 or 028 4246 993

1200 Omahu Road, HASTINGS