Hasting based child care centre with Christian beliefs at the core.

Who we are...

Being a Future Kid Superhero means jumping in puddles, exploring new adventures, learning new skills and developing character (virtues) in order to prepare them for their leap into primary school and beyond.

Our staff truly care for your child and see their worth.

They will journey with you as a family to build self esteem and help your child discover all that lies

ahead for them.


Your little Superhero will step into a whole new world of discovery and adventure through play and focused learning making it the best childcare possible to prepare them.

They will be nurtured and guided to develop their superpower (full potential) and make it come alive!


As a christian preschool our teachers know each child is an amazing creation of God and that He has

a great plan and purpose for them. All our efforts are directed at helping your child succeed in life by acknowledging God and applying His principles to their life from a young age.


Let's work together to give them the best start in life with the best childcare possible for your kids!


Join our SUPER FAMILY today!

Teaching Team

Mrs Joelle


Mrs Andrea

Team Leader


Mrs Petarina


Miss Lolo


Miss Julie



06 879 5396 or 028 4246 993

1200 Omahu Road, HASTINGS