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  • Nicky Lay

We’ve all been there (and if we haven’t, we’ve held our breath imagining it!) – the howling toddler in the trolley or the wailing preschooler lying on the floor in the biscuit aisle.

Ah, the classic grocery store tantrum! 😅 It’s a rite of passage for parents. When faced with a little one in full meltdown mode, here are some tips to help you navigate the storm:

Stay Calm: Remember that tantrums are normal at this age. Take a deep breath and keep your cool.

Gentle but Firm Words: Use a few gentle but firm words to calm the child. Avoid yelling or physical punishment.

Ignore the Behavior: Sometimes, waiting for the storm to pass is the best strategy1.

Additionally, consider these preventive measures:

Consistency: Stick to a daily routine so your child knows what to expect.

Plan Ahead: Run errands when your child isn’t hungry or tired.

Offer Choices: Let your child make appropriate choices (e.g., red shirt or blue shirt).

Praise Good Behavior: Reinforce positive actions with extra attention.

Avoid Triggers: Steer clear of areas with tempting toys or treats23.

Hang in there! You’re not alone in this parenting adventure. 🌟

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