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“Surviving the Toddler Food Tango: Navigating Mealtimes”

Navigating mealtimes with toddlers can indeed feel like a minefield! Here are some tips to help you maintain sanity and foster healthy eating habits:

Parent’s Role in Menu Selection:

As the parent or caregiver, you decide what’s on the menu. Whether it’s quinoa salad or takeout, your choice sets the tone.

Balance nutritious meals with occasional treats and offer both options.

Giving Children Choices:

Within boundaries, let your child make choices. For example, they can choose a vegetable from the fridge.

Avoid expecting health-based decisions from young kids; instead, establish rules neutrally.

Neutral Mealtime Atmosphere:

While you decide the menu, don’t pressure your child to eat specific foods.

Stay neutral regardless of their opinions or how much they eat.

Engage them with love and attention unrelated to food to keep mealtimes pleasant.

Remember, it can take time for kids to expand their tastes—weeks, months, or even years!

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