Over 2's

Get your child masked and ready to soar with preschool childcare for 2 and 3 year olds in Hastings


We want to launch our kids into the world with their superhero capes at the ready!


We guide them to know their worth with self confidence yet with empathy and kindness towards all those around them.  We give our kids the freedom to learn through play and social relationships as well as through structured time of learning.


Every Future Kid Superhero is trained in essential character traits (virtues) for success in life.

Kindness, honesty, self control, patience, perseverance, helpfulness, obedience, forgiveness, gentleness, contentment, diligence and attentiveness.


20 hours free ECE care for 3 and 4 year olds available.


Check out our FANTASTIC 4's programme as well to see what the future holds for your superhero.



06 879 5396 or 028 4246 993

1200 Omahu Road, HASTINGS