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Our School Ready Programme

What makes a Superhero prepared for school and heading up, up and away?

Confidence in knowing they can reach for the stars...


Our Fantastic 4's programme starts when your child turns 4 and runs daily during term time until they are ready to soar.


They will get way more than basic numbers and letter recognition here. To us school ready means being able to self manage, share news on the mat, be a good friend, take turns, follow instructions and so much more.


We have many fantastic stories from families who felt so good seeing their child start school knowing they can cope and they were not overwhelmed or unprepared.


How will your child feel entering school? 

Prepared and confident if they are a Future Kid!


Enquires taken from residents in Frimley, Mayfair, Hastings,

Havelock and across Hawke’s Bay

Capes and masks at the ready...

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